Information about working procedure, employee salary & facilities for smooth operation


K H Tex Industries Have

  •   Highly experienced and qualified professionals run the project. Management is fully dedicated to efficient and effective


  •   Control towards attaining best quality in production, export shipment in order.


  •   Manpower strength in main line production is run by the trained operators / supervisors headed by highly skilled and Competent Production Manager.


  •   Independent sample unit is equipped with modern infrastructure.  Sample unit is headed by a skilled sample in-charge to provide any kind of styles within scheduled time frame.


  •   We maintain strict in-line inspection during production and we practice Total Quality Management (T.Q.M.) system.
  •   KH Tex Industries establishments stand as a testimony to the clear foresight, dynamic leadership and innovative spirit of the enterprising entrepreneur and the total dedication of its employees.  Business activities are now fully diversified in the field of Terry Towel manufacturing. Companies Buying division is committed and dedicated to act as an effective sourcing support for their valued potential customers in the international market.  The company strongly believes to produce products that would cater to all requirements for all users groups. The departmentalization of the working process of the day-to-day work of the company into sampling, Merchandising, Production, Quality control, Shipping, Banking, Finance, Human resources, compliance and information systems has made it possible for the company to ensure prompt service at all times thus making consumer friendly.


K H Tex Industries Is committed to its customers to adhere to their unique compliance requirements as well as all international compliances relating to:

  •    Child labor
  •   Forced labor
  •   Harassment & abuse
  •   Health & safety issues
  •   Wages & benefits
  •   Work hours
  •   Overtime
  •   Discrimination
  •   Environment

 Child labor is strictly prohibited in our factories, fully compliance with existing labor law of Bangladesh.